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Reasons for choosing TIC

TÜV International Certification (TIC) is:


Certification in TIC has German roots for quality. You can count on the thoroughness of analysis and validity of conclusions of our auditors.


TIC is formed by one of the German Association for Technical Supervision - TÜV, which is recognized as a model of fairness for many years.


TIC has subsidiaries in many countries, including Kazakhstan and CIS countries, and tries to take into consideration their pecularities in tthe process of certification activities.


TIC offers an integrated certification based on multiple standards. You can save your efforts working with a reliable partner for any of your needs in certification.


TIC is constantly designing new and optimize existing procedures to support interests of their clients. You can rely on efficient and innovative partner, now and in the future.


TIC is constantly exchanging experience among hundreds of its auditors to support and development of their professional skills in certification.

Industry competence

TIC has experts who work in all industries. You can rely on their professionalism and knowledge of your industry characteristics.


TIC is a partner chosen by thousands of enterprises and companies of the world.


TÜV certification is recognized and appreciated around the world.

More than 40,000 companies in 92 countries, trusting German quality, have chosen German Associations of TÜV Technical Inspection (TÜV), including - TUV Thuringen (TÜV Thuringen e.V) as a parter for certification. TUV Thuringen certification body was accredited in Germany in the national accreditation body DAkkS (former TGA). It issues certificates under the brand of TÜV International Certification. Баннер