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Economic industries based on EA codes

EAGroups.Economic sectors by code No. EA
01AAgricultural, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture farming sectors
02DMining industry, production of non-metallic minerals
03A Food industry and tobacco products
04FTextile and garment industry
05FLeather industry
06EWoodworking industry
07CPaper industry
08CPublishing activities
09CPrinting, copying from recorded media
10GCoking and processing of mineral oils and oil
11-Production and processing of products of decay and waste from reactors (including nuclear power)
12GChemical industry
13-Production of pharmaceutical products
14BBproduction of rubber and plastic
15DGlass industry, ceramics, processing of non-metallic minerals
16DProduction of cement, lime, plaster as well as concrete, lime and plaster products
17/1BBproduction of metal
17/2BProcessing and production of metal products
18BMechanical engineering
19BBproduction of machines for offices, tools and data processing equipment, electrical equipment, precision mechanics, optics
21-Space and aircraft
22BOther vehicles (automobiles, rail vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles)
23-Production of furniture, jewelery, musical instruments, sport equipment, toys and other items *2
24-Regeneration, closed cycles
25HElectricity supply (excluding nuclear power plants)
26HGas supply
27HWater supply, district heating supply
29/1-Trade *1
29/2BMaintainance in serviceable condition and repair of motor vehicles and consumer goods
30AMaintainance of hotels and restaurants
31/1JJmeans of communication
31/2JJmeans of connection *2
32/1-Services on land and housing
32/2JCredit and insurance, leasing of movable property (unmanned)
33-Data Processing, Information equipment
34/1-Studies and development  *1
34/2DArchitecture and engineering offices
35-Provision of services to enterprises
36JPublic administration, defense, social security
37IUpbringing and training  *1
38-Health, veterinary and social services
39-Provision of other public and private services

* 1) as long as the product/its environment/service is not subject to special requirements;

* 2) should be a special professional competence.