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Information about TÜV International Certification (TIC)

Information about TÜV International Certification (TIC). Certification body accredited in internationally recognized system of certification TÜV CERT, a member of Independent International Organization for Certification (Independent International Organization for Certification), who rendered services to over 50,000 companies in more than 90 countries successfully operated in the TÜV Thuringen e.V. for many years.

In 2008, management of German Union of Association for Technical Supervision (V.d. TÜV), founder of TÜV CERT Certification system, has decided that, starting from January 1, 2009, as part of the Union as a whole to stop operations on systems management certification as an independent business -activity. Based on this decision, functioning of TÜV CERT Certification Systems previously created within the Union, that had nine active certification bodies, including TÜV Thuringen certification body shall stop. Herewith, activity of the Union itself as well as its independent Association members in other business activities is being retained.

Issuance of certificates under the name of TÜV CERT shall be stopped from January 1, 2009.

The Union delegated the right to work in the field of management systems certification to each of the Associations Union members. Therefore, TÜV Thüringen e.V. has created and carried out in due course the accreditation of TÜV International Certification System (in short - TIC). Name and trademark of this System is registered in Germany in the prescribed manner. Certification body in this system was the same body that has been accredited in TÜV CERT. Herewith, all auditors, who had been previously accredited in TÜV CERT Certification System, automatically received accreditation in TÜV International Certification.

All applications for certification of management systems that come to Intercertifica-TÜV LLP jointly with TÜV Thüringen in the Repiblic of Kazakhstan" are being implemented in TÜV International Certification (TIC) system.