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Rules for usage of TIC trademark

After issuance of certificate, certification body shall give the Customer a written permission to use a relevant TÜV International Certification (TIC) trademark. This permission works only for the period of certificate validity and area of application:

1. For the period of certificate validity, Customer shall receive a right to use a trademark in relation to a field of certificatation validity, in particular, with respect to only those parts of enterprise and services included in certification. This right is non-transferable to any third party and is not considered to be exclusive. Use of the trademark for any other, non-certified production and/or non-certified part of the enterprise of the Customer is prohibited.

2. The trademaark may be used only by legal entity and can not be transferred to any third parties or assignee, without the written permission of certification body as well as be the subject of concessions, sale or other forced measures.

3. The trademark may be used only for business purposes, and only in documents intended for business correspondence, and documents in framework of advertisement. The customer has no right to change the trademarks. The Customer is not allowed to use or allow the use of trademarks for missinformation purposes in advertising.

4. It is not permitted to use a trade mark for labeling of individual products and their packaging. Reports of laboratory tests, calibration certificates and inspection reports shall be considered as products. Besides, the trademark should not be used in close relation with products and/or production technology in a way that allows us to conclude that product itself and/or technology is being certified.

5. For the use of trademark, particularly in advertising, the Customer shall bear responsibility before certification body. The Customer shall ensure that the use of trademark shall be done under the requirements of this contract and its attachemnt.

6. The customer has the right to use a given trademark in means of communication, i.e in publications, e-mails, web sites and other advertising materials with reference to obtained permission. The image of the trademark in electronic correspondence or in Internet should be protected from copying.

7. With the loss of the right to use trademarks, the Customer shall immediately bring them back together with relevant documents confirming presence of permits for use to Certification body, and as soon as possible remove trademarks from all available publications and other advertising material and media as well as stop further use of trademark.

Samples of TÜV International Certification trademark:

Management system is certified to comply with:

ISO 9001:2008

ИЗО 9001 Товарный знак TIC

DIN EN ISO 14001:2009

ИЗО 14001 Товарный знак TIC

OHSAS 18001:2007

OHSAS 18001 Товарный знак TIC