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ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is Environmental Management System

The object of standardization: environmental management system (EMS).

The main stages of development:

  • 1996 - adoption of the first standards group of this series (ISO 14001; ISO 14004; ISO 14050);
  • 2002 - adoption of ISO 19011 standard, relating to audits of quality management systems and environmental management systems;
  • 2004 - adoption of corrected versions of standards (ISO 14001; ISO 14004).

Standard used for certification of EMS: ISO 14001:2004, «Environmental Management Systems. Requirements and guidelines for their application. "

Who should use this Standard: Environmental impact is becoming increasingly important global issue. Requirements to mitigation of this impact has been established by many, including local and national authorities, trade associations, customers, employees and other interested parties.

Moreover, gradually increasing social pressure from non-governmental organizations, consumers, environmentalists, and scientific communities is also taking place.

  • Therefore, ISO 14001 standard is applicable to any organization.
  • From companies with one site to multinational companies
  • From companies with high risk to companies with low-risk who render services
  • Production and service industries, including government authorities
  • All industries, including public and private sector
  • Equipment manufacturers and their suppliers

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