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ISO 50001

ISO 50001 - Energy Management System

The object of standardization: energy management system (EMS).

Standard used for certification EMS: ISO 50001:2011 «Energy management systems - Requirements with guidance for use."
ISO 50001 specifies requirements for energy management companies, which are aimed at the development of organization processes, policies, goals, etc., that can improve efficiency of organization energy consumption.

It is applicable to all types of organizations: large and small, public and private, production companies and service providers.

According to experts assessment, in the long-term prospective, application of ISO 50001 standard may affect up to 60% of energy use in the world.

ISO 50001 can be implemented independently or in conjunction with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001; this is also a certification standard.

Like other ISO standards for management system, ISO 50001 is based on PDCA cycle, and has a high degree of compatibility with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Thus energy management system can be integrated with other management systems of organization.

ISO 50001:2011 is the system of requirements that enable organization to:

  • develop a policy for more efficient use of energy;
  • Set goals for implementation of this policy;
  • use available data more efficiently in order to make decisions about energy consumption;
  • measure results;
  • evaluate effectiveness of policies;
  • continually improve energy management system.

Thus, ISO 50001 standard will help organizations develop a strategy to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and improve environmental aspect of activities. One of the significant benefits of implementation of energy management system will also increase the investment attractiveness of the company.

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